Cloud Assesment Discovery and Planning

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Discovery, Assessment, and Planning

is a process for evaluating an organization's current IT infrastructure and business requirements in order to determine the best approach for migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The process typically involves the following steps:



This step involves taking an inventory of an organization's existing infrastructure and applications, including servers, storage, networking, and software. This helps to identify any potential roadblocks or areas of concern that need to be addressed during the migration.



This step involves analyzing the information gathered during the discovery phase to identify opportunities for optimization, consolidation, and cost savings. The assessment helps to identify which workloads are good candidates for migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and which workloads may need to be re-architected or retired.



This step involves developing a detailed plan for the migration, including timelines, resource requirements, and migration strategies. The plan should take into account factors such as business continuity, security and compliance requirements, and cost optimization.