The Ebizoncloud Cloud Adoption Framework

The Ebizoncloud Cloud Adoption Framework is a set of cloud resources, best practices, tutorials, technical guidance, and enablement tools designed to help your organization create, refine, and adopt its cloud strategy. Any client interested in learning more about how to embrace the Cloud can use the framework as a guide. In addition, it offers a process and tools to help move to the Cloud. The framework also features Cloud Lift services and critical value programs, which are essential for comprehending the unique selling points and in-built efficiencies of Ebizoncloud.

Businesses are quickly migrating their IT infrastructure to the Cloud to safeguard and optimize their existing company IT operations in light of the data explosion and the increasing digitization of activities. Indeed, businesses cannot have the agility needed to compete in the digital age if they continue to operate traditionally. Maintenance periodically is no longer sufficient. Moreover, old IT management systems can't provide modern enterprises' adaptability and scalability to thrive.

Daily, the average consumer makes use of 36 different cloud-based services.
94% of businesses now use a cloud service.
Over 100 Zettabytes of information will be stored in the Cloud by 2025.

In addition, the new digital market's continuous data output is increasing the already high price and complexity of storing information in data centres. Furthermore, by sticking with inefficient data management practices and outdated technology, businesses limit their ability to maximize the benefits of their data. Due to this, many companies are looking to move their applications and databases to the Cloud rather than keeping them in-house.

Oracle's Cloud Migration Is a Role Model for Long-Term Digital Success

Ebizoncloud's Oracle Cloud Migration service is a fully managed, self-service experience for moving databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, providing businesses with excellent performance and independence (OCI). The process of migrating an on-premises database to the Oracle Cloud is automated by Oracle and aided by Ebizoncloud's unique tools. Migrations are made without interruption using tools approved for Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) and Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM). The Cloud's full potential is only realized when viewed as an essential part of an all- encompassing digital transformation strategy. You can expedite your transition to the Cloud with the help of the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), a comprehensive set of documents, implementation guidelines, best practices, and tools developed by leading cloud service providers like Ebizoncloud. Our Cloud Adoption Framework is based on these six principles.

Cloud Adoption Framework principles of Ebizoncloud


Your company can better convey its cloud adoption journey and business objectives by developing and outlining a cloud strategy. In this step, businesses prepare to transition away from in-house IT procurement procedures by constructing a business case to justify the necessary expenditures in people, money, and technology.


This section assists your company in establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to support and direct the cloud adoption project. The CCoE is a virtual team that includes business and technical experts working together to manage organizational transformation and establish clear job descriptions and training programs for new employees.


Here is where the Oracle environment setup takes place. Once you're ready, roll out the migration's foundational components. This section guides you in establishing the primary safeguards that will assist your company in avoiding unnecessary risks as it moves to the Cloud. For example, a secure cloud architecture may be defined, the appropriate controls can be implemented, and configuration drifts can be monitored and avoided with its aid.


Your company can better convey its cloud adoption journey and business objectives by developing and outlining a cloud strategy. In this step, businesses prepare to transition away from in-house IT procurement procedures by constructing a business case to justify the necessary expenditures in people, money, and technology.


Build useful metrics and keep an eye on your Cloud infrastructure with the help of data gathering and notifications. This section guides your business in adapting the adoption phase rules and practices to create a safe and secure landing zone (cloud environment) that meets all of your company's requirements. When the business's demands are well stated in the business strategy domain, it assists with migrating to or developing on-premises data centre solutions.


Simply put, running and administering a cloud infrastructure is not the same as doing so on-premises. Therefore, this section is helpful for the IT department since it allows them to maintain the environment running efficiently, optimized, and prepared for expansion.

Benefits of the Ebizoncloud powered Cloud Adoption Framework

Ebizoncloud is a leading application-centric Cloud MSP and an Oracle Cloud Reseller, so you can be confident that your Oracle workloads are in good hands. The AIOps-driven managed services guarantee that the platform is robust, highly available, and recovers from failures with low downtime and no data loss. Experts on our migration team are hard at work drawing out a comprehensive plan that details the entire process from start to finish. Then, we lay out the landing zone, including the infrastructure (network, security, compute, storage, security controls, cloud platform operations, and governance regulations). Several businesses have benefited from our innovative approaches to Oracle Cloud Adoption, and some of these benefits are

Faster Cloud Decisions

By developing a solid business case and migration strategy, Ebizoncloud can determine what resources will be required to transition to the Cloud within a certain time frame successfully

Connection, Exploration, and Strategy

Ebizoncloud offers essential pre-migration services, including technical assessments, hardware/software evaluations, and application dependency mapping for more successful cloud migration. In addition, Oracle Cloud Application Framework (CAF) is improved to make enterprise applications, data, and infrastructure more cloud-ready.

Value, Transparency, and Management

Ebizoncloud's Cloud Migration Framework is an excellent option if you're looking for a way to save money without sacrificing quality or safety. To maximize results on Oracle Cloud, Ebizoncloud recommends using their expert-approved cloud solution to right-size workloads, cut down on resource overprovisioning, and set up intelligent infrastructure monitoring.


The move to the Cloud does not necessitate a bare minimum of security measures, nor is it fool-proof. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides businesses with robust security by design safeguards, allowing them to implement measures like customer isolation, data security, internal-threat detection, and highly automated attack remediation. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also isolates sensitive information from the machines that manage it.