Cloud Governance

Cloud governance refers to the set of policies, procedures, and controls put in place to manage and regulate the use of cloud computing services in an organization. It includes defining the rules and guidelines for cloud adoption, monitoring and enforcing compliance, and ensuring that cloud resources are used in a secure and cost-effective manner.

i. The Need for Cloud Governance

ii. Scope of Cloud Governance

iii. Oracle and Ebizoncloud:

Leverage the Power Duo to transform the Cloud Journey


As a legacy leader in the Infra-as-a-Service space, Oracle Cloud has always set high industry standards. Their Infrastructure has now transitioned into a transformative solution powered by two unique propositions. It is tailored to address the migration needs of hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities. Enterprises can also take advantage of Oracle’s industry-leading business applications and third-party solutions and integrate them into their infrastructure. However, as enterprises increasingly move towards a holistic hybrid and multi-cloud architecture, the need for effective monitoring, auditing, security management, and compliance assessment is all the more pronounced.


Ebizoncloud has streamlined OCI cloud migration, modernization, and management journeys to the cloud with unparalleled efficiency and rich outcomes. Such achievements have made us one of the leading automation-driven, application-focused managed cloud service providers in the world.

As a trusted Oracle Cloud partner, Ebizoncloud eases governance of enterprise assets, platforms, infra, applications, and databases on the Oracle Cloud via the right mix of cloud-native tools, proprietary solutions, industry frameworks, and experienced support. Embrace in-depth cloud assessments and audits to minimize chances of failures or compliance loopholes. OCI landscape up-to-date to latest IT trends, regulatory asks, and international standards from an end-to-end management source.

With Ebizoncloud migrating the assets on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, brace for a fail-proof governance of workloads, data, and applications. Ensure high-fidelity performance at minimized expenses at nil threats to business as usual.

We pride in the Commitment to Achieve Excellence, Efficiency, and Innovation on the Cloud: Ebizoncloud Achieves Oracle Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise

Oracle recognizes partners who demonstrate the specific expertise required to succeed. Ebizoncloud with its full-stack Oracle transformation suite and proven delivery excellence has earned the prestigious Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise. It is now a trusted global Oracle Cloud Transformation Partner.

Why opt for Specialized Oracle Governance Strategies:

All modern IT workloads, applications, and databases should be aligned to industry and region-specific compliance standards. It is vital to ensure for organisation that choose Cloud Migration to adhere everything to standards.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) ensures that the companies hosting their infrastructure are following the compliance norms. Oracle governance assessment maps the customer network, systems, and applications on OCI, thus ensuring scalability, high performance, and resilience.

Ebizoncloud OCI Governance Framework Ensures:

OCI Best Practices Framework

i. Primary Principles of Oracle Cloud Governance

The OCI best practices framework is organized under four business goals to ensure peak experiences for enterprises belonging to any industry verticals, irrespective of ecosystem size and complexity.

Strict adherence and governance of the following metrics help businesses iron out the weaknesses of the deployed OCI ecosystem that in turn saves resources, time, and costs.

  • Security and Compliance
  • Resource isolation and access control
  • Compute security
  • Database security
  • Data protection
  • Reliability and Resilience
  • Fault-tolerant network architecture
  • Service limits and quotas
  • Data backup
  • Scaling
  • Performance and Cost Optimization
  • Compute sizing
  • Storage strategy
  • Network monitoring and tuning
  • Cost tracking and management
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Deployment Strategy
  • Workload Monitoring
  • OS Management
  • Support

ii. Oracle Cloud-native Governance Tools and Services for Impactful Implementations

  • Budget Controls
  • Compartments
  • Budgets and Quotas
  • Unified Billing
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Cloud Advisor
  • Operations Insights
  • Risk Management
  • Security Zones
  • Cloud Guard
  • Oracle Vaults
  • Web Application Firewall
iii. Mastering the IT Recipe on Cloud: 

CAF-based OCI Governance Assessment Workshop by Ebizoncloud

Ebizoncloud holds long-term expertise with cloud governance strategies. Our teams work with clients to understand their business requirements and analyse the applications for efficient solutions. We align the strategy to business needs as per the assessment report, delivering impactful solutions.

We have also designed an exclusive workshop that helps organizations understand the benefits of the assessment and global OCI practices. The interactive session is curated with end-to-end advantages of OCI governance assessment as the key to achieving successful cloud migration.

Worshop Highlights

  • Methodology Overview
  • Providing an expert overview of cloud governance methodology and guidance to identify the rig
  • Governance Benchmark
  • Benchmarking the existing governance compliance and corporate
  • Initial Governance Foundation
  • Laying the foundation for businesses to evolve with the governance supporting them to identify the right path to align larger goals
  • Assessing OCI subscription models for landing zone deployment as per cost and resource optimization practices.
  • Evolved Governance Foundation
  • Developing, implementing, and enhancing the governance framework apart from iterating governance controls
  • Understanding the policies and aligning them to industry practices for risk mitigation
  • Workshop Deliverables
  • Advanced report on governance assessment
  • Expert suggestions on implementation of policies and blueprints

Iv. Why Plan your OCI Journey with Ebizoncloud:

Automation, Innovation, Modernization with Fail-proof Governance and High ROI Impact

Ebizoncloud Oracle Governance Framework is designed to assist enterprises with a seamless transition to Oracle Cloud while complying with important compliance standards. This framework delivers value-driven solutions for workloads on OCI. The team and their domain expertise are integrated with Oracle’s advanced technologies and tools to streamline business processes, improve decision-making, and accelerate digital transformation.