Onboard the Oracle Artillery for Enterprise Security:

High Performance and Seamlessly Scalable across multiple environments and hybrid landscapes

A key contributor to increasing threat management worries could be the underlying complex IT ecosystems: Over-abundant legacy assets, non-synchronous third-party systems, non-efficient hybrid and multi-cloud networks. In short, businesses leap forward and integrate whatever best IT solutions available for a certain vertical, but often falls short on the big vision: is the entire IT landscape, sporadically scattered across multiple regions and departments resilient enough against the most vicious cyberthreats and continuity risks?

Well a cloud tailored to address hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios could be an ideal answer. Hence, investing in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure would be a best fit, especially when it comes to orchestrating a universal cybersecurity strategy across the IT stack. Gain virtual assets on the cloud with complete control and unmatched security. It empowers enterprises with high-performance, secure, and highly available services to manage a wide variety of enterprise workloads. Over 40,000 Oracle customers have now moved out of their respective high alert cyber risk zones.

Key Benefits

Cybersecurity on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Maximum Protection, Maximized ROI

a.Visibility and Managed Service

Scale operations securely with super visibility and control on OCI - built with the highest privacy and security standards. Gain centralized OCI managed cybersecurity services or OCI cybersecurity-as-a-service and risk management visibility over your IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, CaaS environments. Avail automated alerting for any internal-external risks. Leverage OCI Cloud Guard to gain a universal security visibility across all Oracle tenants. Monitor, recognize, and remediate threats with ease. Deploy Identity Cloud Service to manage user access across all Oracle, non-Oracle, other cloud, and non-prem workloads.

b.Environment Complexity

Avail flexible, highly scalable, and agile security platforms and solutions on Oracle Cloud catering to any IT environment or resources, software, backend, workload, applications, networks, edge and IoT environments, and more. Leverage Oracle Cloud Guard, Identity and Access Management, Identity Cloud Service, Vault, Bastion, Web Application Firewall, and more.

c.Platform Reliability

Enjoy breakthrough reliability via integration of advanced information security and computing solutions on the Oracle Cloud. Adhere to modernized security frameworks and policies and protect your business with ease. Identify and manage threats anywhere with Cloud Guard, deploy configurable firewalls with Web Application Firewall, manage user access through IAM, manage encryption keys with Vault, and keep secure all databases across the system with Data Safe.


Eliminate the need for dedicated hardware and IT infra to handle security and risk management queries. With all IT assets secured on the Oracle cloud, reduce administrative overheads and pay for only what you utilize. Continuously audit OCI resources to optimize future compliance, risk assessment mishaps, and costs. Avail fast, cost-effective, and automated Disaster Recovery with Oracle Site Guard, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Recovery Manager


Compliant-ready Oracle cloud security architecture including local, national, and global compliance-regulatory standards. Utilize Compliance Advisories for information and technical recommendations and controls, Compliance Attestations for independent assessment of third-party security and compliance controls, Compliance Documents Service, Corporate Security to manage and overview protection of enterprise assets, and Privacy for data privacy on cloud.

f.Resource Management

Automated Oracle cloud security services and solutions for constant monitoring, proactive maintenance, and risk alerting reduce the need for dedicated manhours. Administer global organizational security with ease and next to nil manual interventions for redundant tasks. Avail IAM and Identity Cloud Service to manage user access across ecosystems, Cloud Access Security Broker to gain threat visibility across the entire cloud stack with ease.

g.Incident Management

Significantly reduce mean time to detection and mean time to repair with Advanced Managed Detection and Response on Oracle cloud. Leverage Vulnerability Scanning to look for any loopholes across the IT stack, Cloud Access Security Broker to gain unprecedented threat visibility.

h.Access Control

Assess security and architecture access roles along with the entire organization with ease on OCI. Leverage the intuitive AWS Incident and Access Management (IAM), Cloud Identity Service, Bastion for restricted private access to hosted resources, and Privileged User Access Management (PAM) to assign definite roles and administer functionalities across the security workflows.

i.Outdated Policies

Move over from outdated cybersecurity policies. With IT assets on the Oracle cloud, embrace world-class methodologies, solutions, and frameworks: SIEM-SOAR, MITRE ATT&CK, CIS Security Controls, Zero Trust, etc. Leverage advanced Oracle native tools and compliance controls such as Compliance Advisories, Compliance Attestations, Corporate Security, Privacy for maximum impact.

j.Asset Monitoring and Protections

Gain 24/7 monitoring on your devices, data, networks, platforms, applications, VMs or virtual systems, servers, etc on OCI. Achieve unprecedented security over your entire backend and endpoint architectures. Track assets with embedded alerts, AM-ML-Behaviour Analytics, Oracle cloud-native cybersecurity tools such as Cloud Guard. Amp up threat management with Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker. Centrally manage keys and encryptions with Vault, restricted private access with Bastion, and firewall configurations with Web Application Firewall.

k.Support and Governance

The dedicated Oracle Cloud Security Operations Centre (SOC) team adheres to all your cybersecurity monitoring, management, governance woes 24/7. Leverage one of the largest ecosystems of security partners, solutions with Oracle.

l.AI Capabilities

Integrate advanced threat intelligence powered by industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STI&TAXI, MISP, etc. With advanced AWS security services capabilities, adopt smart threat hunting, deep cybersecurity analytics, predictive alerting, and preventive maintenance through proprietary AI-driven automation solutions.

Security is a Shared Responsibility: The Art to Govern and Control for Maximum Protection on the Oracle Cloud

As part of the wide variety of Oracle Security offerings, OCI provides best-in-class security technology and operational processes to secure enterprise cloud services. But, one must be distinctly aware of the security and compliance responsibilities to safely run all workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. As per the design, Oracle offers security to cloud infrastructure and operations with cloud operator access controls, infrastructure security patching, and more. Enterprises, for their part, must take responsibility for securing their workloads in OCI. Such shared responsibility to security is the need of the hour. By 2025, 99% of all security defaults would stem from in-office non-awareness and erroneous activities. Build a Cloud-powered security architecture driven by an upskilled team that can prevent such doom.

Customer (Security in the Cloud)
Customer Data Use Credential, other account information
Account Access Management and Application Management Insecure user access behaviour, strong IAM policies, patching
Security list, route table, VCN configuration Security list, route table, VCN

configuration configuration
Client-side Encryption Key management

Oracle (Security of the Cloud) + Ebizoncloud (Managed OCI Security Partner) Other infra services (LB, WAF, CASB, DDoS Protection) Protect hardware, software, networking and facilities that run Oracle Cloud Services
Compute, Network, Storage, Isolation, IAM Framework
Physical Security

Security Assessment of Oracle Workloads

Ebizoncloud is the trusted MSSP to thousands of enterprises across the globe, augmenting cloud migration, modernization, and management journeys from infra till application login layer end-to-end. As a trusted Oracle partner and part of our Oracle Security services, we offer a customized security assessment of Oracle workloads. This allows the development of a fail-proof smart security blueprint on the Oracle cloud that’s scalable at length, across all ecosystems and platforms.

Cloud Adoption Framework

Fail-proof. Threat-Resilient. Automated: OCI Security Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

Enterprises must clearly chalk out their security objectives and existing loopholes from all perspectives, including directive, preventive, detective and responsive aspects. Each of these perspectives has its own significance. Enterprises must build a comprehensive view of their security needs covering all possible scenarios to ensure maximum protection at all times.

Detective Preventive Detective Responisve
Oracle Account Governance Identity and Access Logging and Monitoring Incident Response
GRC Control Framework
Control Ownership (OCI Shared Responsibility Model)
Infrastructure Protection
Data Protection
Security Testing
Asset Inventory
Security Incident Response
Data Classification Change Detection Forensics
Change and Asset Management
Data Locality
IAM and Least Privileged Access
Security Operations Playbook and Runbooks


Ebizoncloud End-to-end Oracle Cloud Security Solutions and Services

a. Advanced Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) on OCI

Ebizoncloud’s advanced MDR and XDR solution and services on Oracle cloud deliver 360-degree protection, smart automating 24/7 real-time monitoring, threat hunting/risk prediction alerting, threat detection, and risk mediation. Gain deeper vigilance of your infra assets including data, networks, workloads, traffic, devices with ease and avail end-to-end response management: Threat and Mal Containment, Incident Analysis, Data Exploration, Response Orchestration. Secure your end-point connectivity with AI-powered End-Point Protection and Response Platform powered by Oracle cloud.

b.End-to-end Infra Security with Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

Avail end-to-end cloud managed cybersecurity services or cybersecurity as a service on Oracle cloud. Ebizoncloud provides comprehensive cloud security strategy, blueprinting, POC, and implementation services for the Oracle Cloud including hybrid multi-cloud security management. Experience complete protection of your enterprise IT assets including networks, data centers, dataflows, workloads, computing devices, storage solutions, software, platforms, applications, edge networks, IoT environments on OCI.

c.OCI Security Operations Center (SOC) Managed Service

Having an in-house, dedicated cybersecurity services monitoring and response team could be a huge expense for any organization. This not only deters cyber threat monitoring, detection, and remediation but also limits the organization’s competency to adopt advanced security solutions and services. As an OCI-managed SOC (Security Operations Center) services provider, Ebizoncloud acts as an extended Cybersecurity Incident and Response Team (CSIRT) to your security management on Oracle cloud. The arrangement delivers the entire monitoring and threat management work with ease and assists your organization in the adoption of breakthrough cybersecurity frameworks, methodologies, and intelligent solutions backed on the Oracle cloud.

d.IaaS Security on Oracle Cloud

Modernization of backend infrastructure plays a considerable role in improving frontend experiences. However, preserving the security of all IaaS solutions including virtual networks, computing, storage, have, and more is paramount to seamless business continuity. Shift and secure your networks, datacenter assets including databases, compute, storage, and servers infra onto dedicated AWS cloud solutions. Leverage special Oracle cloud-native applications, embrace virtualized infra to gain unprecedented agility and scalability of adopted enterprise applications without compromising asset security. Remove all backend physical infra hassles and pay for only what’s utilized.

e.PaaS Security on OCI

With enterprises now increasingly opting for complex, multi-hybrid-private cloud IT environments, the universality of applications gets hampered. Businesses often fall prey to standalone systems and applications that work well for one backend platform or vertical but don’t function for another adopted cloud environment for a different vertical. This leads to the non-synchronicity of operations and hence catastrophic risk possibilities that could be solved using a pay-as-you-use secure Oracle Cloud PaaS platform. In addition to virtualizing and modernizing all core infra assets on the cloud, transition middleware, OS, architectures, protocols, APIs, libraries, Microservice modules, containers on OCI with utmost protection and zero disruptions. Leverage existing cloud-native platforms and OCI security architectures to develop, deploy, and run applications anywhere across any IT environment with maximum protection.

f.Application and SaaS Security on OCI

To shield enterprises from the innumerable challenges and resultant risks of application development, maintenance, administration, and resultant data management, adoption of web applications or Oracle Cloud SaaS applications have become the new norm. When an enterprise embraces a SaaS ERP system, for instance, the entire application security and management including frontend interfaces, data, backend architecture-platforms-protocols, and core infra assets are run on the Oracle cloud. Assess application software codes, backend logic, architectures, and UI vulnerabilities with ease via dedicated OCI cloud security solutions. Ebizoncloud helps a client surf through advanced OCI security services and solutions and embraces protected, compliant-ready SaaS enterprise applications that best fit immediate needs and future goals. The entire application lifecycle in terms of maintenance, security, upgrades, and asset management is administered by Ebizoncloud while the client leverages the functional benefits with ease.

g.CaaS Security on OCI

Application modernization on the cloud has transformed enterprise operations across key verticals such as CRM, workflow management, supply chain management, compliance checking, financial audits, productions and manufacturing, IT administration, and more. To seamlessly achieve the same and administer applications and databases monitoring across multiple IT landscapes with ease, modern application development solutions are imperative - microservices, containers, functions. With CaaS security on Oracle Cloud, gain cutting-edge protection over Docker or Kubernetes containers, streamline development workflow security, architecture scanning, access controls, and more.

h.Storage and Data Security on OCI

Ebizoncloud ensures military-grade data security during migration with end-to-end pre-backup, secure data transport, end-to-end encryption, data integrity management, thorough testing, and vulnerability assessment, and proper access management functionalities. Add extra layers of security to your OCI Storage solutions including files, blocks, objects, databases, database management software, etc. With numerous OCI native tools, 40+ Security Controls, dedicated Security Operations Center managed services, and cybersecurity experts, gain end-to-end protection of all your data assets on Oracle Cloud: networks, servers, management systems, applications, databases, virtual platforms, and more. Leverage end-to-end encryption over all organizational dataflows and advanced managed detection services. Avail 24/7 Monitoring, Identity, and Access Management with dedicated cloud-native tools such as OCI IAM. Embed threat intelligence and move the needle further to predict, avoid risks even before they occur. Embrace game-changing preventive maintenance capabilities (Self-Healing Operations).

i.Network Security on OCI

Complexity of organizational networks and connectivity infra has increased multifold over the years. Rapid digitalization has enabled organizations to fast scale up operations, embed variant systems and IT solutions, decentralize processes across multiple locations, develop private network architectures to stay connected 24/7, and deploy global remote workforces. Needless to mention, network assets are the foundations of such a corporate labyrinth, enabling firms to seamlessly operate each day without a hitch. Hence, real-time network security attention for IT systems, workflows, enterprise applications, web assets, and more is paramount. Achieve end-to-end network security and protection on Oracle cloud with ease.

j.Hybrid and Multicloud Security on OCI

Adoption of Hybrid and multicloud environments is fast increasing owing to clear-cut benefits, the flexibility of IT adoptions, enhanced anti-risk postures, and more. Shield your Oracle hybrid or multi-cloud architecture with advanced cloud-native solutions. Gain the benefits of on-prem reliability and world-class OCI security. Shift security and monitoring check reliably between private and public workloads, touchpoints, assets. Comply with data locality-residency laws, gain ultra-low latency, and experience an uninterrupted, consistent performance of hosted workloads, applications, and systems with utmost security. While leveraging the benefits of multiple standalone cloud solutions and platforms basis mission-critical business objectives, streamline the entire multicloud resource management on OCI thereby extending the latter’s ground-breaking security solutions suite across all adopted heterogeneous cloud IT environments.

k.DevSecOps on Oracle Cloud

The age-old notion of security being an overarching boundary to the software development lifecycle is now slowly getting blurred. With the development processes now getting more complicated and cyberthreats exponentially rising, it’s wiser to integrate continual security policies, processes, and technologies into the DevOps culture and workflows. Ebizoncloud ensures ‘Security by Design’ on the Oracle Cloud platform and helps embed security as a core discipline in the development and management of IT systems, tools, microservices, containers, automation, APIs, testing tools via the Amazon Cloud.

l.Dark Web Monitoring and Protection

The threat of the dark web cannot be underestimated. Hackers, cyber-criminals usually attack organizational databases, platforms to retrieve sensitive data such as user information, business records and IDs, log-in info to different platforms, financial data, social security numbers, and more and sell them at maximum prices on the dark web. With Ebizoncloud Dark Web Monitoring and Protection Solutions powered by the OCI architecture, track your enterprise data and get immediate alerts if your organization’s information is found on such threatening online sites. Take immediate action and bolster your firm’s security, preventing

further attempts along similar lines:

m.OCI Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Avail strategic recommendations from Ebizoncloud to better monitor and manage your organizational security on-premise or on the Oracle cloud. Gain continuous monitoring of OCI assets, resources, and systems, readiness interviews and assessments workshops on the overall security postures, access control review and key management, incident response management policy reviews, compliance audits and reporting, technical implementation inputs for greater data protection, advisory services for networking-server-assets misconfiguration, and more. Ebizoncloud’s extensive Oracle cloud security services consulting, managed cybersecurity services, cybersecurity as a service offerings help better streamline and transform your organizational security at ease.

n.OCI Governance and Compliance-as-a-Service

Compliance-related complications often result in major loopholes in an organization’s IT workflows. This might be an inviting proposition to cybercriminals. Ebizoncloud’s compliant-ready offerings on the Oracle cloud along with dedicated Quality Management and Security teams ensure client facilities are duly compliant with data localization-residency laws, national regulations, local compliances, and international certifications. Ebizoncloud augments your IT security to truly world-class standards. Embrace leading AWS native solutions for end-to-end compliance check and management. Compliance adherences, not limited to are:

o.Threat Intelligence Solutions

Move over from traditional cybersecurity services and solutions and embrace AI-driven cybersecurity with ease for end-to-end asset management and monitoring on the AWS cloud including last-mile connectivity and end device protection. Ebizoncloud advanced security intelligence solutions powered by the Oracle cloud offer deep threat hunting, advanced data forensics, anomaly detection, and automated response management with ease. Consolidate cybersecurity management for IP/Domain Reputation, File Reputation, CWPP, CSPM, CASB, Phishing-malware-ransomware feeds, IT assets. Avail the proprietary Self Healing or Preventive Maintenance Platform (SHOP) to not only reduce Meantime to Detect and Meantime to Repair but do away with threats via advanced risk prediction and automated risk healing processes.

OCI Security Workshop

Be Security-Smart. Attend our Special OCI Security Workshop

a.What do gain?

b.The Process

Step 1

Interactive workshop and OCI Tool assessment (CAF and WAR)

Step 2

CIS 20 Benchmarking Assessment

Step 3

Comprehensive report on security landscape assessment

Step 4

Expert recommendations for security upgrade

Workshop Primary Deliverables

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

Ebizoncloud SHOP

Self Healing Operations Platform (SHOP) for Oracle Cloud: Automated Intelligent Operations, Predictive and Preventive Healing

Ebizoncloud SHOP is a low code AI-powered platform that seamlessly integrates different tools and solutions necessary to deliver managed cloud services to enterprises. The intelligent platform brings dozens of diverse operational platforms, applications together including auto-remediation and self-healing onto a single system. This enables the entire infrastructure and applications landscape to be auto-managed through a single pane of glass while providing customers with a holistic view of their IT environments. The platform improves engineers’ efficiency while also allowing engineers with less experience, to handle more complex tasks.

SHOP transforms OCI security services and management operations for your enterprise beyond comprehension. Integrate existing platforms including third-party systems and seamlessly connect with your Oracle cloud architecture through powerful, highly secure APIs. Automate workflow management, IT infra administration, security management, and project delivery on the cloud with ease from initiation to end customer reporting. With SHOP for OCI by Ebizoncloud, prevent outages, predict risks and avoid threats before they occur, automate risk responses (Self Healing), modernize cloud operations and asset administration, and improve overall engineering efficiency up to 50%. Avail a universal view and control on your Oracle cloud platform and connected IT architecture.

SHOP makes Ebizoncloud the World’s largest Application-focused Managed Services provider with Stringent Security Administration Expertise

a.Intelligent, Automated Operations Management

Integrate your cloud architecture with all your existing applications, tools, systems including third-party systems under one intelligent platform. Gain unparalleled control and security over your workflows, automate IT operations to optimize infra costs, and boost organizational productivity.

b.Predictive & Preventive

By using clustering and regression models, SHOP can predict any anomalies that might lead to outages in a system, making sure they are quickly dealt with even before they occur (Self Healing).

c.Collective Knowledge

SHOP is also a full-stack infrastructure and Business Activity Monitoring solution that enables a 360-degree view of all the data relevant to flagging early warnings and issues that might occur.

d.Situational Awareness

SHOP collects all contextual data at the time of the anomaly to present relevant root cause scenarios enabling coherent and complete responses. Avail critical service disruption report analysis and elimination of recurring issues across OS, database, applications, platforms, etc. Proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance, service improvement across all areas from Infra to the Application layer.

e.Remedial & Autonomous

Our home-grown ML engine ensures the best possible remedial action suitable to the problem and the system.


The Difference: Why Avail Ebizoncloud’s managed Oracle Security Services?

Trusted, World’s largest Application-focused Managed Cloud Services Provider and one of the leading managed cybersecurity companies

Pre-met compliance needs for local, national, and global compliance requirements including IRAP, GDPR, HIPAA, SAMA, CSA, GXP, and ISO Certifications

7 Security frameworks utilizing the MITRE ATT&CK, CIS Critical Security Controls, and more

Comprehensive 24x7 OCI Security monitoring and Management program

Automated Security Solutions and Oracle cloud native tools management for threat prediction, detection, and response: Advanced Managed Detection and Response Solutions (MDR)

Dedicated DevSecOps on Oracle cloud portfolio

Dedicated OCI Cybersecurity Consulting and Compliance Audit Reporting offerings

Advanced Ebizoncloud Cybersecurity Incident and Response (CSIRT) team dedicated to OCI Security Management

Threat Intelligence powered by Industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX/TAXII, MISP, etc. and Ebizoncloud Threat experts

Considerable threat management expertise in securing large and complex environments and using advanced functionalities of leading industry tools as well as Cloud-Native OCI Security tools

Experience in deploying and managing robust SIEM on SOAR solutions – helping enterprises to proactively assess vulnerabilities and automate, accelerate incident response on the Oracle Cloud