Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) Services

With ODA, businesses can develop and deploy chatbots or digital assistants to automate client interactions and improve service delivery. ODA is an AI-driven conversational interface.

ODA presents a duo of service offerings.

  • Chatbots: At its core, a chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate and interpret human conversation, enabling interaction with digital devices akin to conversing with a real individual. Chatbots range from basic programs offering simple responses to complex digital assistants that learn and adapt, providing personalized experiences through data gathering and processing.
  • Skills: Skills are dedicated chatbots aimed at completing specific tasks, such as order tracking or timesheet submission, by engaging users through text messages and straightforward UI elements.

What makes Oracle Digital Assistant stand out?

By examining a user's speech patterns and pitch, Natural Language Understanding interprets the motives and context of the discussion.

A single intelligent assistant that seamlessly weaves through various applications, effortlessly bridging gaps and enhancing user experiences

Oracle applications by integrating prebuilt skills skills and templates crafted to streamline repetitive tasks.

Oracle Digital Assistant facilitates four core business processes:

Human Capital Management:  eBizonCloud employs generative AI to extract applicant data, streamlining recruitment, and fine-tuning models for job descriptions and candidate summaries.

Customer Service: eBizonCloud’s AI agents deliver personalized customer care, addressing inquiries across platforms, and offering prompt responses and tailored product recommendations to enhance the customer experience.

Sales and marketing: ODA enhances customer engagement, guiding sales, qualifying leads, empowering representatives with insights, and facilitating marketing distribution.

Internal Operations: ODA streamlines procurement, managing requisitions, vendor communication, order tracking, inventory, order confirmation, shipping updates, returns, and invoice processing.


Today, ODA finds application across various sectors including finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

ODA and ChatGPT, both LLMs, differ in function. ODA excels in natural language processing(NLP), enterprise integration, and on-premises or hybrid deployment.

Yes, ODA offers comprehensive conversation experiences with chat and voice interfaces, featuring advanced NLP capabilities.

Yes, Oracle Digital Assistant’s advanced natural language understanding incorporates zero-shot learning and classification for multiple languages. It’s designed to cater to diverse user bases.

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