OCI Document Understanding

OCI Document Understanding automates document processing via APIs, extracting text, tables, and data, with prebuilt models customizable for industry-specific needs, streamlining workflows efficiently.

What makes Document Understanding valuable for your business?

The analysis and planning provided by the Discovery and Assessment Service lay the groundwork for the adoption or growth of the enterprise cloud. Customers who intend to incorporate public or hybrid cloud solutions into their computer infrastructure must first use this service.

OCI Document Understanding is made using Oracle's computer vision and language skills. It helps businesses with important tasks like paying bills, tracking expenses, and organizing documents.

The OCI console streamlines customization by enabling users to easily upload, label, and train custom models through an intuitive user interface (UI).

OCI Document Understanding offers an economical AI service, operating on a pay-as-you-go basis to ensure affordability and adaptability according to your needs.

Advantages of OCI Document Understanding

Invoice and Expense Processing:

  • It uses key-value extraction to automate the extraction of relevant information from invoices and receipts.
  • Streamline accounts payable processes by identifying invoice numbers, due dates, amounts, and vendor details.

Healthcare Applications:

  • Automate redundant healthcare tasks.
  • Patient Records: Extract patient information from medical records.
  • Disease Detection: Identify diseases at an early stage by scanning X-rays, reports, and medical documents.

Legal Industry:
Court Opinions Analysis:

  • Identify similarities among court opinions, legal documents, and case law.
  • Assist legal professionals in legal research and decision-making.

Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization:

  • Predict future demands by analyzing historical data.
  • Optimize inventory levels based on demand forecasts.
  • Automate supplier communication tasks, such as invoice sharing and payment reminders.

Human Resources and Employee On-boarding:

  • Extract relevant data from employee documents during onboarding.
  • Automatically populate employee profiles with information from resumes and other documents.

Financial Services:

  • Automate document processing for loan applications, credit assessments, and compliance checks.
  • Extract key data from financial statements, tax forms, and contracts.

Customer Service and Support:

  • Enhance customer interactions by quickly retrieving relevant information from support tickets, emails, and chat logs.
  • Improve response times and accuracy.

Industry-Agnostic Applications:

  • Document Analytics: Extract information from documents and integrate it with structured data in databases or analytics platforms.
  • Document Process Automation: Automate repetitive tasks related to document handling and management.


OCI Document Understanding is an AI service that enables developers to extract text, tables, and other key data from document files through APIs and command-line interface tools.

  • Customizable Models: You can upload, label, and train custom models with your Oracle data through an intuitive user interface in the OCI console.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: OCI Document Understanding is competitively priced, allowing all users to take advantage of AI without needing to maintain infrastructure.
  • It uses prebuilt AI models for text extraction, table extraction, key-value extraction, and document classification.
  • Developers can obtain text and other key data from document files through pre-trained or custom-trained AI models.

It can extract text, tables, important values from printed or handwritten documents, images, content uploaded from mobile devices, and even from videos.

OCI Document Understanding, is designed to help teams minimize manual tasks, save time, and cut costs. Therefore, it proves cost-effective especially when handling significant volumes of unstructured data and documents regularly.

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