Speech to text

OCI Speech, or Speech to Text, utilizes advanced technology to automatically transcribe spoken words into text with high accuracy and security.

What is the importance of having a Speech to Text service for your business?

Transform spoken words into text effortlessly within seconds utilizing OCI Speech's cutting-edge ASR technology.

Converts audio or video data into JSON or SubRip Subtitle (SRT) formats, facilitating seamless integration with diverse applications.

Transcribe spoken language into text across six languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Hindi.

Effectively censor, filter, or highlight any profanities in an audio or video file to strengthen content moderation efforts.

Audio and video files undergo automatic transcription, with punctuation seamlessly incorporated into the transcribed text.

The confidence score feature aids users in identifying and prioritizing words that require attention.

eBizonCloud’s Speech to Text Use Cases

Customer Feedback Analytics: Analyze customer calls for insights.

Digital Media Content Search: Automatically provide closed captions for digital media content.

Call Centers and Call Analytics: Transcribe customer calls for easy retrieval of information

Product surveys: Survey analysis is vital for grasping customer sentiment. Automated services classify feedback into positive, negative, or neutral tones.


OCI Speech offers rapid, accurate transcription services with time stamps, stored audio files reduce latency and eliminate network costs, ensuring seamless integration.
Transcription comes with pre-trained models for English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Pricing varies based on factors like project timeline, customization needs, file types, quantity, and conversion format requirements.
eBizonCloud stands out as an innovator in OCI Speech technology, to deliver tailored, cost-effective pre-trained models.
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